Fish collagen hydrolysate 900mg tablets Naticol 4000

Fish collagen hydrolysate 900mg tablets Naticol 4000

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Fish collagen hydrolyzate NatiCol® 4000 is a high-quality food and cosmetic protein with a wide range of applications. It is produced by the French manufacturer - Weishardt Group. NatiCol®4000 is the highest class collagen hydrolyzate extracted from fish skin. Collagen is hypoallergenic and very easily absorbed.

Collagen is commonly found in the structures of our body. The benefits of taking collagen include regeneration of the locomotor system (joints, muscles, bones). Regeneration of the skin (reduction of wrinkles and inhibition of skin aging processes), hair and nails. Proper hydration of the body and weight control.

Regular collagen supplementation activates many beneficial mechanisms for our body:
The skin's hydration is increased (collagen binds water molecules, which makes the skin firmer and reduces wrinkles)
The formation of new cells of cartilage and bone tissue takes place (regeneration of joints, ligaments, tendons) The synovial fluid secretion by synovial bursae improves (this results in better "lubrication" and nourishment of the articular surfaces)
The antioxidant effect at the level of the dermis is intensified (antioxidants reduce the damaging effects of free radicals within the dermis, inhibit the processes damaging the skin structure)
There is a process of reducing inflammatory processes through inhibitors of DNA polymerase activity
There is a reduction in discomfort and pain in the joints among people suffering from joint degradation due to wear, poor diet, rheumatic diseases (collagen stimulates the increased secretion of synovial fluid and intensifies anti-inflammatory processes in the structures of the locomotor system).
Collagen NatiCol® is characterized by a high content of particles of various sizes - this guarantees increased bioavailability and assimilability.
Collagen supplementation also supports the synthesis of endogenous collagen - through supplementation, the body receives an incentive to produce collagen.

Suggested Use: Consume one tablet 1-3 times per day