Men`s T-Booster Tablets Testosterone & Libido Booster

Men`s T-Booster Tablets Testosterone & Libido Booster

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T-Booster is a product that combines many substances necessary to increase the secretion of male hormones. The substances are selected in such a way as to intensify each other's action and support the regeneration and secretion of hormones in many ways. The use of T Booster will increase potency and sexual performance as well as a better mood and improved sleep quality.

Tribulus Terrestris It`s known from ages in Chinese medicine as a very good plant for men in the middle age. Tribulus is a support that is especially useful when you have problems with low levels of testosterone. After the age of 25, level of testosterone in the body is constantly decreasing, and this effect is affected by stress, overwork and poor diet. If you have to low level of testosterone in your blood, you will have a problem with achieving good results in the gym despite the use of other dietary supplements and nutrients. Taking tribulus will optimize testosterone level and bring you a youthful vigor.


Fenugreek is a herb known for centuries that increases the secretion of male hormones, improves metabolism and increases sex drive and performance. After about six weeks of use, fenugreek users notice an increased sex drive and more orgasms than before.

Saw Palmetto has anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effects. The results of the research indicate that saw palmetto alleviates the symptoms of prostate hyperplasia in many ways. First of all, it affects the concentration of hormones that cause the growth of prostate cells. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces tissue swelling. Saw palmetto additionally lowers the concentration of DHT, which as a result has a positive effect on the level of male hormones and may reduce hair loss.


Panax ginseng has a multi-directional effect on the body. It is a herb that affects the central nervous system, improving the ability to concentrate and remember. In addition, it stimulates the immune system to work, protecting against microbes and viruses, and women also appreciate ginseng for rejuvenating the appearance of the skin and preventing hair loss. When it comes to men, ginseng is perfect as a means of increasing potency. Thanks to it, you can get better erection.

Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Selenium is a properly selected composition of vitamins and minerals, which in combination supports the body in the production of hormones responsible for improving the quality of sleep, increasing vitality, improving well-being, raising the mood, fertility and sexual performance

GREEN LABS NUTRITION T-Booster is an optimal set of herbs and vitamins for maximum support of the production of hormones responsible for regeneration, potency, vitality and high sexual performance.


T-Booster SUGGESTED USE: Consume two (2) tablets 1-2 times per day, preferably before meals and before sleep.