Caffeine Anhydrous- pure energy

Nowadays, we often need extra energy to meet the demands of the day. That's why energy drinks have very great popularity, but they contain a lot of substances that not only improve the efficiency of the brain, but burden the digestive system, I mean preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners. There is a good solution to this problem, you just need to draw the essence, which is the number one acting ingredients. Anhydrous caffeine - this is the substance that is the most important when it comes to improving our perception, concentration, the ability to absorb information and to achieve the "freshness of the mind".
anhydrous caffeine is used in small amounts - 100-300mg, it is available in the form of powder or tablets, that's all it takes because this form of caffeine is very well absorbed and tolerated. It should only be remembered that caffeine influences the increase in blood pressure, so it should not be used by people with heart disease.