About us

Why Green Labs Nutrition?

We are a group of active people who have been using dietary supplements for many years, we are professionally connected with this field. Our group includes nutrition specialists, trainers, technologists and engineers. Idea Green Labs Nutrition was born in 2002 to respond to our and our customers' needs. Many companies offer dietary supplements, but very often put the best possible profits at the expense of the quality of raw materials and falsification of ingredients in their products. That is why we decided to create a brand that will offer the best quality raw materials at the best price. Our products are based on simple and effective solutions.

We do not use flavors, dyes, do not mix ingredients. We work with European distributors and manufacturers, all our products are approved by the European Union and have the necessary certificates and permits. We optimize the structure of our company, its location and philosophy leads to a reduction in costs and, as a result, the lowest possible price for our customers, without losing the quality of our products. Our location (Central Europe) allows for express delivery and lower shipping costs. We encourage cooperation and sending opinions, we want to develop in accordance with the best direction for our clients.