Ribose- an effective way to quickly rebuild energy resources.

What is ribose and what is it for?
Ribose is a simple sugar, ribonucleic acid carbohydrate skeleton (RNA) and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and thus it is a component of the genetic material used to transmit the genetic code from generation to generation. In addition to this very important function, ribose is the starting point for the production of ATP. Although cells can not pull back the nucleotides to regenerate ATP, they can do this almost from scratch using ribose.

Ribose is present in every living cell of the body and is used for the production of ATP. Our body can produce its own glucose ribose, but it requires energy and is a very slow process. Studies on ribose supplementation have proven that taking 3-5 grams daily will restore ATP levels to normal within 6-22 hours after exhausting training. Without supplementation, it can take anywhere from 26 to 93 hours.

Ryboza has become widely available, we can expect that in the coming years will be a topic as popular as creatine. Ribose is a precursor in the production of ATP (energy) in the cell. While creatine increases the rate of ADP and Pi processing to ATP, ribose is actually used to make ATP from scratch. The benefits of creatine, carbohydrates or other nutrients will be seriously inhibited if levels of ATP, ADP and AMP in the cell are low - and ribose is the only solution here. Or wait for your body to make it yourself, or take a fast-acting supplement, the choice is yours.

Each cell in the body contains ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an energy-rich compound that provides virtually all the energy needed for cell function. When ATP is broken, energy is released and is used to power all body functions. Naturally, then, the breakdown of ATP in muscle-working cells provides energy for movement.
Through the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats release the energy needed for muscle contraction and so on. During training, this cycle is carried out quickly and continuously in order to satisfy a significant turnover of the required energy.

Studies have shown that ATP in skeletal muscle cells decreases by as much as 20-28 percent after the most-weighting exercise. The mechanisms behind it are quite complicated and the effect is that the total ATP resources inside each cell are reduced, which seriously limits their energy potential. It does not matter how many carbohydrates you push into your body, because if the levels of these nucleotides are low, you will not have enough energy for effective training. To more complicate the problem, once AMP has left the cell, it can not be recovered, so the levels of ATP and ADP + Pi will remain low, possibly shrinking even more, with the next high-intensity effort.

Ribose is found in every living cell of the body, and is obtained from glucose, this process is slow, complicated and requires energy. Ribose supplementation avoids this process, quickly rebuilding the cellular ATP and restoring the energy level in the muscles to normal. Studies have shown that ribose supplementation increases the production of ATP in skeletal muscle up to three times. They also showed that ribose increases the cell's ability to preserve and reuse ADP and AMP by as much as 700 percent (these are nucleotides that are usually lost from the cell for good). These are not "minor" benefits, they are very important and quite stunning.

Why use ribose supplementation?
While all living cells contain ribose, there is not enough of the food we eat to supplement energy levels. Ribose in meat is usually lost in the cooking process. There is also not enough of this nutrient in plant products to give effects. Add to this the fact that it can take many days for the body to produce its own glucose ribose, and the benefits of supplementing this ingredient will become clear. Supplementary ribose is very quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, and a large part of it is absorbed before swallowing. Once in the muscle cell itself, ribose can be very quickly converted to ATP.

Research suggests that without ribose supplementation most people will take 26 to 93 hours (1-4 days) to restore the level of cellular ATP to normal after strenuous exercise. It goes without saying that it may take longer or shorter depending on how strenuous and long training was (this is based on a 28% loss of nucleotides from muscles). With ribose supplementation, it takes 6 to 22 hours to fully charge cellular energy.
Ribose occurs naturally in every living cell of every living creature (animal and plant) on our planet. Ribose is not a foreign compound for the body, but one that the body recognizes and uses effectively, supplementation is completely safe.