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AAKG 1000mg Tablets

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AAKG is a nitric oxide precursor that allows you to get the maximum benefit from training. Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate affects the secretion of NITROGEN OXIDE, a factor that causes an increase in muscle pump and promotes sexual performance. Arginine is an amino acid that must be supplied to the body because it is unable to produce it by itself.
AAKG increases tissue blood supply and improves the access of active substances to muscle tissue. Thanks to this, the muscles are more nourished, muscle fatigue increases, muscle blood supply increases, muscles are more visible and swollen.
AAKG is also a very effective aphrodisiac, after eating AAKG, the capillaries in the muscles widen, but also in the genitals we achieve maximum blood supply, which affects sexual performance and sensations.
We also use AAKG at bedtime to improve regeneration and optimize the secretion of beneficial hormones, which during sleep perfectly regenerate the body, and during the day improve well-being and increase our capabilities.
How to use AAKG
AAKG is a product of pharmaceutical quality, and its concentration allows the consumption of smaller amounts of tablets than in other products of this type.
In order to achieve maximum benefits from training, use 1-3 tablets 30 minutes before training, drink plenty of liquid.
To increase your sexual performance and experience, consume 1-3 tablets before.
If you expect increased regeneration and secretion of reactive hormones, take 1-2 tablets before bedtime, drink a glass of liquid.