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HMB is a metabolite, the final product of leucine metabolism. It is believed that leucine is precisely what he owes his anti-catabolic properties. The experiment, conducted at the University of Iowa, examined the effects of using HMB in both beginner and advanced athletes. The first group received 3 g daily, the second placebo. After a 3-week period of training, it was observed that in the beginning, muscle mass increased by 1.2 kg and strength increased by 18%. In advanced athletes these rates were respectively 0.45 kg and 9% respectively. Despite differences in progress, the results in the HMB group were not good enough to determine the effectiveness of the supplement. In addition, in those who start training, weight gain is generally faster than experienced bodybuilders (the latter's muscles are accustomed to heavy loads, hence slower muscle tissue growth). It is worth adding that the effectiveness of HMB increases with creatine. Research has shown that the use of both substances simultaneously contributes to faster and more effective muscle gain.

Inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissue;
Has an anabolic effect (builds muscle);
Lowers cholesterol;
Helps reduce body fat;
Increases resistance.