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L-Valine 1000mg Tablets

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L-Valine is one of the three major branched amino acids found in the BCAA Supplement. Together with isoleucine and leucine, valine is supposed to help the muscles in their expansion and protect them from catabolism resulting from training, sleep, or hard physical work.
L-Valine name derives from the Latin word "validus", which means strong. The right amount of it affects the correct physical fitness and health. It belongs to the group of exogenous, organic aliphatic chemical compounds. The body itself is not able to synthesize valine, so it must be supplied from the outside. L-Valine is perfect for both muscle building and muscle mass, and for fat reduction.
As a branched-chain amino acid, valine also has a number of important functions for the body. Its main properties, which are used as a supplement to athletes, are:
- support for energy production in muscles
- stimulation of muscle tissue growth in the training regeneration process
- maintaining hormonal balance by affecting the growth hormone
In addition to the effects on muscle tissue and its growth process, valine is also essential in the synthesis of pantothenic acid, the so-called. Vitamin B5, stimulates the proper functioning of the nervous system and immune system, helps to rebuild the tissues after illness and injury and affects the regulation of metabolism - especially carbohydrate biosynthesis.