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Leucine 1000mg Tablets

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Leucine is the most important compound of BCAA amino acids because it initiates anabolic processes. When the body has plenty of protein and carbohydrates, leucine sends a signal to the muscle cells about the availability of building substances. In this way, it "activates" the synthesis of proteins and allows for an increase in muscle mass. Therefore, to be fully effective, this compound should be taken at high doses, along with a full set of amino acids (including glutamine) and carbohydrates.

Moreover, in the process of metabolism of leucine is formed HMB - a compound with strong anti-catabolic effect. HMB inhibits the enzymes responsible for the breakdown of structural proteins in the muscles. As a result, the damage to muscle tissue created during training is rebuilt and the person recovering in a shorter time regains strength.

Leucine should be supplemented in doses of 3-10 g per day. More detailed guidelines depend on the level of training, weight and gender of the person exercising.

The best dose is 2-3 servings per day.